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We train in the traditional Japanese martial art also known as Ninjutsu, which stretches back 900 years in history. Become part of a unique community.


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A large part of our training focuses on unarmed hand-to-hand combat and self-defence techniques. This includes the use of strikes, kicks, throws, and grappling, but the emphasis is primarily on how to dominate the opponent's range of motion and balance, in order to defend against any opponent, regardless of size and strength ratio.



Since Ninjutsu is originally a warrior art, weapons are also a central part of our martial arts training. We train with traditional samurai and ninja weapons such as staffs, swords, spears, knives and throwing weapons. The focus lies at how to defend oneself most effectively against armed opponents, whether one is armed or not, using technique and cunning. For practice, we use safe training weapons.



Ninjutsu is the ideal martial art for children and youth! We teach everything from rolls, kicks and strikes, to dodging throwing stars and cutting with a sword. In addition to learning a lot of cool ninja techniques, children also learn about patience, concentration, discipline and the importance of balance between mind and body. We have classes for all age groups, where we focus on creating a fun and safe space for children to express themselves.

Anders, 44 yrs
"The training helps me to develop my self-awareness. It strengthens me physically, mentally and spiritually, and helps me understand my life purpose. In the Dojo, I form very special friendships with those who accompany my training path."
Ann-Britt, 26 yrs
"The training has taught me how to best defend myself - even against people who are bigger and stronger than me. At the same time, I have become more aware of my surroundings - as if my senses have enhanced."
Mathias,16 yrs
"I train Ninjutsu because I find it enjoyable and fun. But also because I want to be able to defend myself and help others."
Mikkel, 26 yrs
"The physical aspect of Bujinkan training makes my body strong and capable of handling and acting in any situation. In addition, the mental aspect of training has had a significant impact on my daily life - and in Bujinkan, I have found a family for life."
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Kuki Taisho Dojo is one of a total of 15 Bujinkan Dojos (clubs) in Denmark, that train Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, also known as Ninjutsu. Kuki Taisho was founded as an association in 1992 by William Boesen, Michael Kofoed, and Michael Schjerling, who all still teach at the dojo in our beautiful facilities at Bernhard Bangs Allé 19, 2000 Frederiksberg.

We have around 40 adult members, as well as many wonderful children and young people who train on our “Rollinger”, “Kids”, “Warriors” and “Shinobi” classes. Our 9 instructors and 4 assistant instructors are responsible for the daily training. In addition, we hold several seminars each year, where master instructors from both Denmark and abroad come and teach our students.


Although many today use the name Ninjutsu, the martial art we practice is actually called Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, or simply Bujinkan.

Bujinkan is a Japanese martial and survival tradition that stretches back over 900 years in an unbroken line of transmission from grandmaster to grandmaster. The techniques in Bujinkan are a collection of 9 different ancient schools, 6 samurai schools and 3 ninja schools, covering both strikes, kicks, grappling, throws, jumps, and weapon combat.


For most people, the goal of the training is primarily to learn effective physical combat and survival methods for personal self-protection, self-defence or for protection of others.

Since physical competences also depend on mental factors and learning effective combat and survival methods is a great responsibility, our practice and training also includes a comprehensive personal development of students’ ethics, morals, patience, adaptability, resilience, willpower, courage, generosity, helpfulness, compassion, and more.

As our tradition prescribes: “For the ninja, having a good heart is more important than all the techniques or knowledge in the world.”

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