Soke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi

Bujinkan 武神館 means The Divine Warriors Training Hall.

It is a mix of 9 linages of martial arts from Japan guarded and protected by the current grandmaster Soke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.

Ninpo and ninjutsu (the arts of the ninja) is the highest level of Bujinkan.
The martial arts of Bujinkan is the real deal and teaches combat and survival on all levels. The principles are used by special forces, and professionals worldwide among many. There are around 500.000 practitioners worldwide. Bujinkan is both a traditional and a modern martial art. Traditional cause our tradition is an unbroken linage of knowledge handed down from grandmaster to grandmaster for around 900 years of Japanese history. Modern because we apply the principles of combat and survival to the modern way of fighting, culture, weapons etc. Most important in self-protection and self-defense is the protection of the heart/mind. Martial arts, religion and medicine goes hand in hand so all are practiced in Bujinkan as handed down through the generations. As a practitioner, you do not need to belong to any specific religion or any at all. The “religious” or spiritual aspects are universal. Most important is to purify and protect a benevolent, just and sincere heart/mind. The correct heart/mind is the most important for a martial artist.
On the physical level the student of Bujinkan will be trained in all forms of unarmed and armed combat on all distances: Clinch, striking, ground and weapon distances. The students mind will more and more be fudoshin (the immovable heart/mind) and he/she will learn that the foundation of martial art really is peace.

Banpen Fugyoo

It is said that the ninja is a person that will endure and keep going no matter what. The ninja will keep going till the end. The ninja has a strong spirit and a beautiful heart.

– Michael Schjerling (Bujinkan Denmark Kuki Taisho Dojo-Cho)