Her kan du følge alle nyheder fra vores officielle Facebook side også selv om du ikke er på Facebook. Det eneste det kræver er at du er oprettet som bruger og logget ind på siden.


3 years ago
Shinobi -Winds of the 34 Generations

Human relations and connections are most important for health, wellbeing and survival. At our dojo at Frederiksberg we study all levels of budo (martial art). Also the natural life and healing ... See more

感謝 . . .

3 years ago
Martial arts offers brain-boosting benefits for all ages

Ninja-træning er godt for dit barn.
Vi har holdstart på Frederiksberg igen efter sommerferien.
Tilmelding og info her: ... See more

As well as increasing physical fitness and mental health, martial arts can boost brain cognition too

3 years ago

In our dojo at Frederiksberg you will not only practice techniques of selfdefence and fighting, you will study, practice and learn the true essence of the japanese word Bushido. The way of the ... See more

3 years ago
Undervisere – Bujinkan Kuki Taisho Dojo

Så har Juuyuushi og shihan Philipp Pihl (15. dan) meldt sig på som underviser til 35 års jubilæet for Bujinkan i Danmark og dette års Buyukai.
Dermed er alle 10 Juuyuushi meldt på. Det bliver ... See more

Undervisere Lærere i Bujinkan Denmark Kuki Taisho Dojo Vores Dojo-Cho (Dojo’ens ledere og hoved-lærere) er Michael Kofoed og Michael Schjerling som har praktiseret Bujinkan siden 80’erne. ... See more

3 years ago

The teachings of Bujinkan from our soke Hatsumi Masaaki is profund and mystical. It really simply is shizen shigoku. It is as natural as the heart of a 3 years old child.

This is the true ninjutsu. ... See more

3 years ago

When 9 deamon ghosts are running though you, you will laugh out loud and be purified.
This is the power of Kuki Taisho.
- Michael

3 years ago

Sandra Elster will visit our dojo and teach the normal class Thursday from 18-20.

Most of you know Sandra but if not I can just say that she is a really great teacher and I am sure you ... See more

3 years ago
Bujinkan Warszawa Dojo

Thank you to my good friend and student Martin Bzdon for putting this seminar together for Bujinkan Poland in Warszaw. Martin has been an extremely good host for both me and all students at the ... See more

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