More on Kamae 構え

by, Michael Schjerling When learning budo you start with your body posture – kamae. Too many students also high level students are too concerned with how to organize their training partner’s bodies in the techniques taught that they forget how to organize their own posture first. If you are not organized yourself how can you […]

Thoughts on Shin Gin Budou and lessons from being uke

Tokyo 12’Th of May 2014 It is my believe that if you are a good uke you are OK. Think about it if you can recieve without getting injured or killed then all is OK and you will be very difficult to fight. Most of us including my self have a tendency to focus on […]

The Way of Natural Fighting

By, Michael Schjerling If we accept that human beings are part of nature we will see that fighting and wars are a part of our history. If fact only 1 out of I believe 336 agreements of peace are being held in history. Animals also fight. The reasons might be different between humans and animals. […]

What is Kihon Happou 季翻初崩 ?

by Michael Schjerling 26Th of December 2010 Kihon Happou 季翻初崩 – Bujinkan theme for 2011 The theme for Bujinkan 2011 has been put out by our soke as Kihon Happou. Kihon Happou is quite mystical. It is wonderful and not like anything else I have experienced in my life. On the surface it is just the […]