35 years Anniversary of Bujinkan in Denmark!!!

Bujinkan has prospered in Denmark since 1983. Come join us and our Buyu Brothers and Sisters as we harness the Martial Wind to carry our Viking Ship to the next level of celebration. 

Kotobuki Bufu Ikkan 寿武風一貫

We invite old and new friends to celebrate Bujinkan Denmark’s 35 years anniversary 24-26 August 2018

The History of Buyukai in Denmark

Read here about the history of the Danish Buyukai which goes back to 2001 when we had the first Danish Buyukai

All buyukai have been different in setup, teachers and methods of teaching. This will be different again and the idea of this Buyukai is that we really like all Danish dojo to be represented with at least one teacher. If there are more 15’Th dan teachers in a dojo we encourage all those to teach. But what is important for us is that all small and big dojo will join and share their teachings. You do not need to be high grade to teach. If you have a dojo we like you to join and share. Its important for us to coorporate and train together and for all students of Bujinkan to feel welcome in all dojo’s and meet new and old friends.


12 teachers will be teaching


Erland Kamstrup (Bujinkan Oni Dojo Nykøbing)
Henrik Højager (Bujinkan Mushin Dojo Roskilde)
Michael Kofoed (Bujinkan Denmark Kuki Taisho Dojo)
Michael Schjerling (Bujinkan Denmark Kuki Taisho Dojo)
Mikkel Treebak (Bujinkan Dojo Nørrebro)
Ole Kiilerich (Bujinkan Frederiksberg)
Philipp Pihl (Bujinkan Denmark Kuki Taisho Dojo)
Thomas Bøgild Piil (Bujinkan Koshiro Dojo)
William Boesen (Bujinkan Denmark Kuki Taisho Dojo + Hombu)

Hans Lock (Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Gøteborg og Unryu Dojo Gran Canaria )

Glenn Pedersen (Bujinkan Dojo Vejle)
Jasper Juhl Holm (Haderslev Ninjutsu klub – Bujinkan Tatsujin Dojo)
Rene Hvid (Bujinkan Danmark Byakko Shinden Dojo Midtjylland)
Thomas Andersen (Bujinkan Ninpo Dojo Aalborg)
Uffe Kristensen (Bujinkan Viborg)
Vibeke Krogh Jessen (Bujinkan Taijutsu Dojo Århus)

Reserve the dates already know.

Koto Buki Bufu
Shodo made by Soke for our dojos 25 years anniversary

Important times for you to know:

(Also follow the event page at FB to stay tuned: https://www.facebook.com/events/335901540202885/)

Friday (Seminar Day 1): 

18.00-18.50: Registration for the seminar.

19.00-21.00: Bujinkan class. Denmark Juuyuushi Kihon Happo Class (Soke asked all the Dai-Shihan to practice and teach the 6 treassures of the Bujinkan earlier this year. Thiss class will be taught by all 15’Th dan teachers at the seminar and you will get their points of view on the Kihon Happo which is one of the 6 treassures.

Saturday (Seminar Day 2):

9-10: Registration for the seminar.

10-16.30: Seminar.

18.30 – X: 35 years anniversary. Shinobi dinner and party with lots of happenings, shinobi bar team and entertainment.


Sunday (Seminar Day 3):

9-10: Registration for the seminar.

10-16.00: Seminar Day 2

16.00: End of seminar.


Breakfast and Lunch are included Saturday and Sunday.


Super shinobi dinner party Saturday evening is included. If very thirsty extra alcoholic liquids can be bought for good prices at our shinobi bar managed by our special shinobi bar team.


Please bring a sleeping bag and you can sleep for free in the dojo. This is included in the price.

Price & Payment:

700,- for the whole weekend if you pay no later than 30’Th of June. (If you pay and sign up after this date we charge 800,-)
One day is 450/550)

Please transfer to 1551 0003496430 (Write your “name” + BK) Thanks.


How to pay from other countries: if you pay from another country you might need the following information:

Registration number: 1551

IBAN: DK5530000003496430




Questions to Michael Schjerling at bujin@bujin.dk